An open letter to Tana River County people

I have never really understood the reason for wanting to be rich by means of corruption.

How do these people feel afterwards? I think something big must die in a person for him to become rich through corruption. Money seems everything when you don’t have it, once you have it in abundance you realize the emptiness.

I always tell my brothers Mustafa Mohammed and Otoi Damian never make it a goal to get money rather make it a goal to change people’s lives. Someone may ask what about the reward? The reward always finds its way in money, recognition and respect.

Think of Steve Jobs of Apple , Bill Gates of Microsoft , Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook & other people who became wildly wealthy, they did not pursue money but pursued solving man’s problems.

If today one of us pursue cure for HIV/Aids would they not become wildly rich? But the pursuit was not money but solving a problem.

In my beloved county, we can do the same, by investing to solve the problem Tanarian facing collectively rather a stomach and few class of people. Tana has tremendous problems in health, education, infrastructure, socioeconomic and peaceful coexistence.

Tana is amongst poorest and marginalised counties in kenya since independent. 50+ years down the line, we still demand and talk about scarcity of water, education and health facilities.

These problems are widen by the last regime by introducing a class of overnight millionaires, whereby the money allocated deserving citizenry goes to individuals pockets.

A local CEC, CHIEF OFFICER, MCA or who earns less than kshs 300,000/= can afford to build skyscraper house cost over fiver, ten or twenty millions within first year, second or thirds in office, own a flit of cars, and do many fundraising. Whilst in our hospitals and education centres are in deteriorating and unwanted conditions. Our students are performing below average, National ranking we are number 47/47. Our University students are deferring semesters due to school fees.

We have a district / Level 4 or 5 hospitals who can’t make proper diagnosis, lack proper laboratories and can not conduct surgical interventions of major emergencies in our areas and have no referral facilities from the local smaller health facilities. Forget about level 1,2 and 3.

In revenue collection Tana River County was number 47/47 because Tana is the only county In Kenya where revenue collectors collects cash from Taxpayers instead of paying via tile number or bank account. As a taxpayer, and I’m not sure, if that money will reach relevant account not someone pocket.

Look at neighbouring counties Garissa, Lamu, and Kilifi people pay through tile or bank account. This is one main reason why? we are lowest revenue collection In Kenyan. Imagine, Tana River County collected revenue lower Lamu County and the budget of Lamu is a third of our budget. Bad governance and poor leadership is killing this County.

Before devolution, we used to blame national government our misfortune, I wonder whom shall we blame now!? Our true son and daughters hold County offices and doing worse than national government when it came to service deliver.

For those of individualistic who always think I’m after interest, sent by someone or have political ambition. Today I’m declaring my interest as Kenya, Tanarian and taxpayers. My interest is betterment of Tanarian and to be treated equally in resource allocation, job opportunity, service delivery to all regardless of our creed, ethnicity, origin, social status, political party and Faith.

This is my interest, the interest I stand, advocate and willing to defend and die for.

As I draw my curtail, let’s STOP by seeing your as a member from this or community and learn to accept one and other.

Let’s build the Tana we all dream.

Thank you in advance.

God bless you.

God bless Tana River.
God bless you.


Please read to know about RIFT VALLEY FEVER

Rift Valley Fever is a viral disease that affects both domestic animals (cows, camels, goats and sheep) and man.

In animals, the disease is transmitted through mosquito bites while in human beings it is transmitted through direct contact with milk, body fluids and meat from affected animals.

In man, the virus that causes the disease enters the body through open wounds when an animal is being slaughtered or when the fluid gets into contact with blood, meat or any fluid from infected animals. Ingestion of raw meat or milk from infected animals also spreads the disease.

The disease can also be transmitted to man through mosquito bites. Abortion is a main clinical sign of this disease and farmers or veterinary doctors can be easily affected when they are assisting such animals to give birth or when disposing of the aborted foetus without proper personal protection equipment.

Clinical signs

The main sign of RVF is widespread abortions (storm abortions) in small stock (sheep and goats) following a period of heavy rains. Young animals are particularly prone to RVF and will die in large numbers shortly after showing clinical signs.

The other clinical signs include fever, lack of appetite, bloody or foul diarrhoea, production of excess saliva, tears and mucus. When you see these symptoms, report quickly to the nearest veterinary authority.

In human beings, the symptoms are sudden flu, fever, muscle and joint pains, headache, neck stiffness, lack of appetite, vomiting, blurred vision, loss of memory, bloody diarrhoea convulsions, coma and death.

How to prevent RVF

The first precaution to take when you suspect RVF is to ensure human safety since this disease is zoonotic (shared by man and animals). This is done by taking following precautions.

· Avoid illegal home slaughters as they increase chances of the handlers being infected.

· Don’t touch aborted foetus or placenta from suspected RVF cases with bare hands.

· Don’t drink raw milk or meat from animals suspected to have been infected.

· Sleep under mosquito nets.

· Control mosquito population by draining stagnant waters and spraying with insecticides.

· Urgently report cases of infected animals to veterinary authorities and seek immediate medical attention.

Vaccination is the only effective way of preventing the disease in animals. Upon infection, there is no cure apart from symptomatic or supportive treatment.

  • The current RVF vaccine is effective and confers long-lasting immunity to animals. Pregnant animals should never be vaccinated against RVF as the vaccine causes abortions and deformities in the foetus. Once an outbreak has been reported in an area, vaccination shouldn’t be conducted as it can worsen the situation. Strategic vaccination, vector control and personal precautions should be applied in RVF control and prevention. Please share widely to create awareness

Tana After 50 years

Everyone in Tana River County has been marginalised more than 55 years by national government. Look at, our infrastructure, education, health, land adjudication and employment sector are the worst compare to other parties of Kenya.

We have never had a resources that we can call is ours. Everything was controlled from National government before devolution. In short, we’re marginalized.

Only this this 6⃣ years, we got a resources that belong to us… Whereby our true sons and daughters are running these offices but doing things worse than the last 50 years.

6⃣ years after devolution was introduced, we’re yet to see the fruits of Devolution apart from looting spree and people becoming overnight millionaires. Billions of money at our disposal we still complain about poor health facilities, water shortage whilst our county is named after a River, school fees crisis and unemployment due to bad governance and poor leadership our leaders portrays.

Tana River County will never realise its dream, if we continue to protect corrupt individuals in the name of tribe or mtu yetu. If marsabit County governor has issued 10,000 NHIF cover card to his people, what will prevent our governor to do the same if he have the resources at his disposal.

As a county, it has taken us a year to constitute a government and

we still constituting. Question is how long will it take us, to formulate a plan or blueprint for development.

Let’s raise above tribal affiliation, it won’t put food on our table.

It’s hight time we fight together the struggle of better Tana.


Thank you in advance.

God bless you.
God bless Tana River County

Devolution is not working in Tana River County

Six years down the line, the people of Tana River County are yet to see the fruits of Devolution.

Before devolution
1. We used to take our sick patients to other counties hospitals.
2. We used to experience water crisis
3. School fees was a challenge and many students has dropped out /deferred a semester.
4. We used to depend on reliefs food from red Cross and national government during drought and floods.

The list is endless…!!

Nothing has changed, in fact, things has become more worst than before.

The vital questions is, what is the need of having a devolution in Tana River County? If doesn’t benefits the intended people? All we’re seeing is, people becoming overnight millionaires after they took leadership position.

For me, devolution has not worked the last five years and if it’s not going to work these five years, as a county we’re doomed.

To Be Honest, this Needs Some Improvement

Why do I think, the 5th Devolution conference 2018 will cost Tana River County millions of money!!

During the Last governor only fourteen people use to attend devolution conference but this time around 56 people from Tana River County had, attended recently concluded Kakamega conference.

According to SRC guidelines, only those in job group Q and above are supposed to attend devolution conference ( Co’s, CECs and above) are allowed to attend the conference but in Tana, even Makarani and people who are not County employees has attended., If you’re not in group Q and above and you attend the devolution conference, we need to know on which capacity and who authority you have attend?

Most of individuals has been booked flight to and from, per diems (night out allowance) and entry/registration fees of 20,000 kshs per head. What the majority of Tana River County people don’t know is, if they are entrance fees per every individual who attend conference has paid to 20,000 kshs for him/her to be inside.

Every individual who attend the conference from Tana River County has got night out allowance of 40,000 to 70,000 kshs depending on the ranks. While 300 youth who represents national government has got 10,000 kshs accommodation (transport, lodge and food) for three days from National government. The question is who has more money County or national government?? I’ll for you to ponder.

So far, news reaching my desk, County has spent 10 millions on devolution conference 2018 but I think the money is more than 🔟 millions. Why waste these kind of money on a mere conference while you have more to do on your county likes, floods, students are yet to get bursaries after they have applied two to three months ago.

Our health facilities lack essential/basic drugs and buildings are in pathetic conditions. Most of County ambulance 🚑 are grounded for missing maintenance and yet we have audacity to spend these handsome on a mere conference.

Surely Tana River County is County where everything goes WRONG!!!

Is this the meaning of ‘Tuliza nyavu samaki waingie?’

Let’s wait Audit query for details.

I used to believe that FGM/C is a obligatory requirement in our religion Islam when I was young. Now l know that is not the case.

My community Wardey practices Type III infibulation, which is the most severe form of FGM/C characterized by the total elimination of the external female genitalia and stitching, leaving a small opening for urination.

I have been working with the community for 8 years as blogger, Activist and Human Rights Defender and the change motivates me to do even more. People used to mock me at first because FGM/C is considered as a religious practice, but many have changed their attitude and I’m thankful for our discussions now with FGM board and Daya Women group. I have never thought FGM/C could have consequences like mental and emotional damage.

People used to think that FGM/C is required by the Quran, but the recent training from FGM board in Tana River County raised awareness among the community on the lack of direct link between the practice and religion. People are now listening and most have changed their stance. Women used to give birth in their houses, and we have lost many due to prolonged labor. Women go to the hospital for delivery and treatment. This is happening because of community conversations.